Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to Our blog!

This blog has stayed empty for far too long. So it's time to make the first post! We'd like to first talk a little about what this blog is going to focus on. We would like to use this blog as an informative place where men and Women alike can read about the various topics We will be discussing. They will all be BDSM related. We may also talk about other things such as what's currently going on at Fort FemDomme and what things We have in the works.

Blog entries will be made by either Mistress Snovia or Madame Xavialune, the two main components of FFD. Guest Dommes and even articles by Our slaves may also be featured. Expect lots of pictures! This is where We will post behind the scenes photos of Our video shoots and Us out and about. We may also do random blog entries about whatever is on Our minds at the moment. 

So what are We up to now? Well the holidays are coming up fast and We are busy decorating and wrapping gifts! We will not be filming for the next couple of weeks. In fact, there will be no filming until the new year but We still have new content coming your way! For the holidays, though, We still dont have enough gifts yet, so go visit Our wishlists at:

Well, why are you still here? Get to it!